9th International Workshop on Prenatal Screening, Berlin

May 05th-06th, 2017

The 9th International Workshop on Prenatal Screening in Berlin provided the latest data and study results on new trends in prenatal screening. We were very honored that well-known and highly respected opinion leaders gave lectures on their respective field of expertise.

We are very pleased to share most of the lectures as pdf-files as well as recorded version (mp4.file). Due to a confidential agreement we cannot provide the slides of Prof. Bujold, Prof. Poon and Dr. Verlohren and we do hope for your understanding.

Prof. Karl Oliver Kagan
"Pyramid of Care – Importance of Ultrasound"

  • Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
  • Tübingen, Germany

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Prof. Marek Lubusky
"Implementing PE Screening into national program: Czech experience"

  • Olomouc, Czech Republic

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Prof. Dr. med. Cahit Birdir
"Screening for Preeclampsia (PE) in 2nd & 3rd Trimester"

  • Universitätsklinikum Dresden
  • Dresden, Germany

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Prof. Ranjit Akolekar
"Prediction of stillbirth"

  • The Fetal Medicine Foundation
  • London, United Kingdom

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Dr. Maria del Mar Gil
"CfDNA FMF contingent screening"

  • Torrejon University Hospital
  • Madrid, Spain

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Prof. Dr. med. Sevgi Tercanli
"Contingent Model in Switzerland"

  • Praxis Ultraschall
  • Basel, Switzerland

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Dr. Sandi Deans
"Ensuring high quality NIPT"

  • Scheme Director UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics
  • Edinburgh, UK

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