Research & Development

What moves us? It’s the continuous attempt to improve!

Our research programs for the identification of new diagnostic solutions is fueled by our brainpower and based on well characterized blood samples.

Blood contains a tremendous amount of information about biological processes in the human body. Thousands of different parameters with still widely unknown biological functions circulate in the bloodstream. So far, only the tip of the parameter iceberg has been characterized for usability in clinical diagnostics, and only a small portion of these parameters is currently used in routine. Accordingly, there is lot to discover and to innovate.

Our researchers strive for characterizing blood parameters because it’s their change that can reflect important insights in the health status of an individual. Blood parameters, also called biomarkers, are used for the diagnosis and prognosis of a disease as well as for therapy monitoring, always to improve patients' lives. Our goal is achieved when a biomarker is measurable routinely on an assay and shows clinical value.


Procalcitonin is one of the few heroes among blood biomarkers

As it influences today’s medical practice worldwide the most prominent example of a biomarker is Procalcitonin. Our assay B·R·A·H·M·S PCT safely measures Procalcitonin and is used for the diagnosis of sepsis and bacterial infection. The correct diagnosis is a critical step for both the subsequent decision making regarding the therapy and the reasonable reduction of the overall needless consumption of antibiotics.

In addition to B·R·A·H·M·S PCT a number of further biomarker assays have been developed over the years that all bare the potential to change clinical pathways in the fields of critical care, emergency medicine, infectiology, cardiology and others.


Close collaboration for a successful commercialization

Successful commercialization of our assays requires a sound patent protection on the inventions we make in the course of our research. That’s why colleagues in research, development and patent protection are tightly connected.

For the development of new test systems we benefit from the exceptional analytical skills within a big company such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, especially in mass spectrometry and immunoassays. Interdisciplinary and intercultural research collaborations within the company as well as with clinicians and scientists worldwide help us achieve our innovation goals.

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