MR-proADM – a novel biomarker in ED and ICU

MR-proADM is a blood biomarker that provides accurate short-, mid- and long-term prognostic information and aids in the triage and multi-dimensional risk assessment of patients in the Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care (ICU) settings. This allows clinicians to determine the patients most at risk of developing complications on admission or during ED and ICU stay, in order to rapidly triage and administer the most effective treatment, in the shortest possible time. An early diagnosis and risk assessment results in clinical and financial benefits to both the patient and healthcare provider.

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The benefit of MR-proADM is the optimized decision making

Optimization of risk assessment and patient management using MR-proADM. Levels are not influenced by food or water intake; No significant gender related differences; Stability of up to 72 hours in EDTA plasma at room temperature and over four freeze / thaw cycles; Well documented for clinical use; Rapidly available to aid timely clinical decision-making using the KRYPTOR™ platform* * assay incubation time 29 mins and small sample volume (26 μL in EDTA plasma)Optimization of risk assessment and patient management using MR-proADM

The novel biomarker MR-proADM provides more precise patient risk management and greater confidence in treatment site assignment. Used in a variety of indications, it can enhance routine clinical investigation and treatment, and provide an economical alternative to many current risk assessment scores.

Use in the Emergency Department

  • Decrease time to treatment
  • Increase out-patient number
  • Reduce length of stay

Use in the Intensive Care Unit

  • Maximize patient safety
  • Guide the most appropriate treatment
  • Provide an early warning of additional complications

MR-proADM – Used in a wide range of clinical applications

  • Sepsis
  • Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTI)
  • Cardiac Disorders
  • Kidney Disease
  • Non-specific complaints

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