Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers explores, develops and produces new diagnostic test procedures to improve the diagnosis, and thereby the treatment, of life-threatening illnesses. This takes place with over 400 employees, on the basis of our own patented biomarkers, and leads to medically and economically superior diagnostic insights for patients and medical professionals. Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers products reach customers in over 130 countries around the world and are leaders in their specialized markets.

B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers product range

Rapid and accurate diagnosis is the first step towards a cure. The determination of serum values is of fundamental significance in this connection. With its range of specific in vitro parameters, B·R·A·H·M·S GmbH can supply solutions which enable you to provide high-quality and thus cost-effective patient management.

Our activities primarily focus on sepsis and infection, together with tumor diseases, fertility, prenatal screening and thyroid diseases. Our assays are available in different formats, such as the fully automated KRYPTOR version with TRACE technology, or using tried and trusted conventional technologies such as radioimmunoassay.

Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers – Downloads

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Fields of indication

Find out more on Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers and our KRYPTOR Systems:

brahms keyvisual pctInfectious diseases


B·R·A·H·M·S MR-proADM >

brahms-keyvisual-respiratory-pulmonary-cardiovascular-diseasesCardiovascular diseases

B·R·A·H·M·S Copeptin proAVP >


brahms-keyvisual-endocrinology-metabolic-disordersEndocrinology and metabolic disorders

Thyroid markers >

B·R·A·H·M·S Copeptin proAVP >


Tumor markers >


brahms-keyvisual-prenatal-screening-embryoPrenatal Screening (PNS)

Preeclampsia >

Trisomy >

brahms-instruments-keyvisualB·R·A·H·M·S Instruments

B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR Analyzers >