Arginine vasopressin (AVP), also called antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is one of the key hormones in the human body. AVP has important physiological functions, including vascular tonus, the homeostasis of fluid balance and regulation of the endocrine stress response.Ref-1 But due to technical limitations of vasopressin assays, vasopressin concentrations were rarely measured in the past.

"Quantification of AVP can be difficult, but copeptin is stable in plasma and can be easily measured with a sandwich immunoassay. For this reason, copeptin has emerged as a promising marker for the diagnosis of AVP-dependent fluid disorders."
Christ-Crain and Fenske. Nature Reviews Endocrinology 2016

The direct measurement of hypertonic saline–stimulated plasma copeptin had greater diagnostic accuracy than the water-deprivation test in patients with hypotonic polyuria.
Fenske W, N Engl J Med (2018)

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Advantages of Copeptin measurement


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